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Class of 2023

Meet Ibrahim! Ibrahim was a BTG mentee who worked with us - finding himself with excellent GCSE grades and an offer to his No.1 School choice - The Campion School. 

"From being clueless about how to structure a Personal Statement to being confident and satisfied with one, BridgeThatGap has aided me in my journey from KS4 to KS5. Even during the (not yet over) dark days of the pandemic and lockdown, the supportive roles that BTG played was more than I could ask for; meetings took place online that were structured well and thus would almost always see my personal statement improve. Meeting after meeting I finally gained the confidence to finalise my Statement before sending it to my school of choice. I am more than happy to say that after the sessions with BTG I was accepted into my first choice Sixth form.

Times are changing; these days your experiences and skills can be the difference to whether or not you get into that college or University, and for most of us we do not know how to put our experiences and skills into words. Not being able to explain what you are good at could be the difference between getting into your first choice place of education or even job. I was in the blue about how to write a captivating and accurate personal statement that would separate me from the competition, but thankfully I was not alone and this burden was made a joy through BTG.

I recommend BTG for anyone who is unsure about how to present themselves in a word document or even to anyone looking for ways to improve their Personal Statements or CVs."

Ibrahim Almuqdadi: My Story: What We Do
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